Is Studying In Canada Your Dream?
Allow Us To Bring Your Dreams Alive!

From Profile Assessment To VISA Prep
We Stand By You!

Is Studying In Canada Your Dream?
Allow Us To Bring Your Dreams Alive!

From Profile Assessment To VISA Prep
We Stand By You!

Ready To Make Your Way Into World’s #1 Study Destination?

Most students are clear with their destination but often lose track once they find how hard the journey is. This is exactly why you should stop taking chances and get yourselves some professional help from IntStu Aspirations to get you started on the right path. Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world and the chances of you being hired as an employee is significantly higher when compared to other study destinations. The process of application however is going to be tricky and you have to make your profile standout in order to separate you from the rest of the competition. But make no mistake, with IntStu Aspirations, you are safe.

IntStu Aspirations Has Everything You Need… And More!

As an international student, it is so easy for you to feel overwhelmed when asked to choose one among the plethora of colleges & universities that Canada has.

But this is where our expertise comes in handy. Our counsellors can help you choose the right course & college that best matches your interests, profile & budget.

What most people take for granted is actually the most important part of the process.

Proper analysis of your test scores, academic performance, work experience and budget is vital in order for you to find the right college that fits the description. IntStu Aspirations can make this seamless and hassle-free.

This is one place that you just cannot afford to go wrong. Not every college application is the same with each having their own criteria, requirements and deadlines.

We can help you, not just with the application, but also in formulating a strong SOP, LOR & essay that can get you admitted into a prestigious institute.

Getting an admit with a scholarship is a blessing that only very students get to enjoy. A scholarship can offer you a great relief from the burden of educational loans and allows you to focus more on what’s important.

But make no mistake, only the best manages to get them. IntStu Aspirations can teach you how to be one among them.

Why Should You Work With IntStu Aspirations?

What Are My Chances Of Getting An Admit?

Canada is a great study destination which also makes it competitive. With IntStu Aspiration, you are already a few steps ahead of your competition.

We understand your passion and do nothing against your will. Apart from acquiring compelling admits, we’ll also help you get scholarships to reduce your burden.

IntStu Aspirations will help you understand the value that a good consultant can bring to the table. Feel free to contact us and let’s start painting your dreams together!

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    frequently asked questions

    IntStu Aspirations coaches students not just for standard entrance exams such as GRE and GMAT but also for language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PET etc.,

    Yes, you can! This is one of the major upsides of studying in Canada. You can work 20 hours a week on your college days and can work full-time when you’re on vacation.

    A co-op or internship placement can accelerate your work permit application. You will have to show proof of your acceptance into a company in order to be issued a SW VISA.

    It depends on the duration of your course. You usually receive work permits that are valid for over 2 years which may reduce if the duration of your course is less than 2 years.

    Canada’s point-based system is a tricky business which works based on the number of points you acquire and the number of conditions you satisfy. Contact us to know about this in detail.

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