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Study in Australia:- Pros & Cons

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We understand how studying abroadnike air jordan 4 oil green nike air jordan nike men’s air jordan 1 mid stores nike air jordan 6 nike air max 90 best wigs sex toys for men dallas cowboys football couples sex toys basketball jersey nike air max sc cheap jerseys custom new nike air max 2023 cheap nfl jerseys best wigs is important for students who are passionate about their studies and looking forward to building a successful global career.


Studying abroad allows every international student to study in an advanced education system, engage in different cultures & religions, and meet different people. It gives you the freedom to gain knowledge and explore the world the way you want. If you are planning to study at a top abroad university & looking for a consultancy to get direction & support throughout your study abroad journey, Intstu Aspirations is one of the best study abroad consultants in surat.


There are numerous countries like the UK, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and Europe that offer advanced and high-quality education to international students. From this list of countries, Australia is one of the most preferred study destinations among international students. Along with the numerous advantages of studying in Australia, there are also some limitations to studying in Australia. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of studying in Australia.


Pros of studying in Australia

Australia is ranked one of the best countries in terms of wealth, education, health, and quality of life. Additionally, when we talk about education, Australia has top-ranked institutions, globally recognized qualifications, and an abundance of scholarships. Below we mentioned some of the advantages of studying in Australia.


  1. Get an opportunity to study at prestigious and top-ranked universities

We all know that Australia has an excellent education system and is home to some of the top and most prestigious universities in the world. An Australian degree from a top institution is recognized around the world, which increases the chances of getting employment anywhere. Australian universities are known for their academic reputation, research strength, employer reputation, infrastructure, facilities, and international-student ratio. Below is the list of some of the top reputed Australian Universities:-


  • The Australian National University
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland
  • Monash University


If you are looking forward to studying at these top-ranked Australian universities, connect with Intstu Aspirations today and grab the best overseas education consultants in Surat.


  1. Scholarship benefits for international students:-

Australian universities offer many merits and need-based scholarships which is one of the major advantages of studying in Australia. The Australian government offers $200 million in scholarships specifically for international students seeking to study at Australian universities. International students can apply for scholarships offered by the Australian Government, public and private institutions, and some higher education institutions. The application criteria will be different for each scholarship. International students can use this financial aid to study in Australia and reduce their cost of living & studying in Australia. Apart from university-specific scholarships, some of the best scholarships that Indian students can get the most out of studying in Australia are:-


  • Global Excellence Scholarship
  • Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • Australia Award Scholarship
  • Destination Australia International Scholarship
  • Scholarships by Australian Embassy


  1. Working while Studying

In Australia, international students have the opportunity to work while studying. This is one of the major advantages of studying in Australia for international students including Indian students. They can work a maximum of 40 hours during their course and unlimited hours during vacation. There are no restrictions on working hours for those international students who are pursuing a master’s degree or doctoral degree.


  1. Post-study work visa

Another great advantage of studying in Australia is that long post-study work visas are available for international students. Known as the Post Study Work Permit or Temporary Graduate Visa, this visa gives international students post-study work rights, which is one of the longest-duration visas available to international students. The visa allows international students to bring their immediate family members to Australia.

Cons of studying in Australia

Now we know the advantages of studying in Australia, but there are some drawbacks of studying in Australia that you should keep in mind while planning to study there. Below we mentioned some of the disadvantages of studying in Australia.


  1. Lack of public transfer

Australian public transportation is inadequate and is also not easily accessible. However, there are many modes of transport available but either they don’t cover your route or they are too expensive. In Australia, almost everyone relies on road transport. The cost of road travel is usually on the high side and the average student usually cannot afford this expense regularly.


  1. Extreme Weather Conditions

Australia is known for its climatic extremes during summer and winter. The country has very hot, dry, and long summers in its desert central regions, where temperatures go up to 40 degrees Celsius. The very long and hot days are almost unbearable for students coming from cold regions. Australian winter temperatures range between 3°-11° degrees Celsius, which is again extreme for students coming from tropical countries. However, students adapt to these climatic extremes by wearing appropriate clothing and staying indoors when necessary.


  1. Living costs

Top of the critical drawbacks of studying in Australia is its luxurious and expensive lifestyle. Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world. An international student has to spend huge amounts of money on tuition fees, flight tickets, accommodation, and much more. Accordingly, you have to plan a substantial budget to cover all kinds of expenses for studying in Australia.


  1. Inadequate Internet connectivity

Australia is a developed country, and despite this, the internet connectivity is not as good as expected. One surprising reason for low internet speeds is that broadband technology is underdeveloped in Australia. The country ranks around 51st in the world for internet speed, averaging 8.5 Mbps.


All international study destinations in the world have their advantages and disadvantages. International students also face pros and cons when studying in Australia, some of which are common in other countries. This article carefully details the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Australia, which may come in handy when deciding where you want to pursue your higher studies.

If you are looking forward to studying in Australia, connect with Intstu Aspirations today & get expert support from one of the best ielts classes in surat.

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