We believe in keeping up with the times and staying updated every minute. With the digital revolution that has taken all countries by storm, we have not been withered. In fact, we have kept ourselves abreast at all times. And for that we have specifically indulged in creating an Online Portal that can be accessed from laptops, mobile phones and tablets for all language and aptitude preparatory courses.

A student portal can enhance academic activities required to facilitate, manage and assess e-learning. It can help students discover new ways of learning content and to express ideas in more innovative ways with a host of other benefits.
Our student portal has been designed in tune with international university standards as a means of establishing a long-term relationship with the student. Access to the portal not only makes it easier for them to interact with the faculty members regarding their academics, but also with the counsellors to receive timely updates pertaining to foreign education on various countries and popular courses from time to time. They have the power of advanced technology in their hands thereby taking learning to the next level.
Benefits for IntStu Aspirations Students:

  • Web & Mobile interface to course-ware and related information.
  • Online English proficiency test preparation with videos on tips and tricks for tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE& DET
  • Online aptitude test preparation for GRE, GMAT, SAT and ACT coaching
  • Plethora of study material on all the above test preparations
  • Online spoken language coaching for English, German, French and Mandarin
  • Online access to revision of previous class, class schedules, updated study material, tests and assignments, and the assessment thereof.
  • An insight into their performance analysis, attendance reports, fast track feedback from teachers; etc.
  • Real-time communications, online appointments with faculty and counsellors for coaching and careers counselling.
  • Access to blogs on international higher education and related services.

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