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Knowledge of German language is a prerequisite for admission to degree programs at German universities. When it comes to learning any language, there are sixlevelsof assessmentfrom Beginner to Advanced. These levels are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The levels are:
Beginner: A1, A2.
Intermediate: B1, B2.
Advanced: C1, C2.

For Bachelor’s degree, you need to have cleared the B2 level (as it is a long duration course), and for Master’s degree, you need to pass the A2 level (as it is of a shorter duration).

Another added advantage of knowing German is from employment point of view. After your graduation, when you apply for a job, being able to converse in German proves to be quite advantageous over someone who can’t.

German language tests are conducted by Goethe-Institute at various locations in India.

Our teachers at Intstu Aspirations are C1-C2 (advanced) level qualified and are fluent at verbal as well as written communication in German. They also have an experience of 10+ years teaching German and so, you can learn German at our institute with full confidence of clearing the desired level test.

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