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French is not only the most spoken language all over Europe but, in certain provinces of Canada as well. Knowing French gives you an added advantage from employability point of view in Canada and it also gives you extra points while applying for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Another huge advantage of knowing French is if you wish to study in a European country where French is the local language. As you may be knowing, the college tuition fees in most European countries is comparatively lower to majority of the developed nations and so, knowledge of French helps you communicate with the locals and even make friends.

Just like any foreign language, there are sixlevelsin French from Beginner to Advanced level. These levels are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The levels are:
Beginner: A1, A2.
Intermediate: B1, B2.
Advanced: C1, C2.

Our teachers are C1-C2 (advanced) level qualified and are fluent at verbal as well as written communication in French. They have an immense experience of 10+ years teaching French and so, you can learn French with full confidence at Intstu Aspirations to pass the desired level ofthe French language test.

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