If you’re just starting out with your college applications, you must get yourself familiar with all the entrance test options that are available out there.

If you find it hard to do it yourself, it is time you get some help from an institution like IntStu Aspirations who’s been doing it for years.

SAT is one such test that you cannot afford to miss. Let us first get you familiar with how the test works and why should you prefer it.

Why SAT?

SAT - Test Format & Scoring

Any given SAT exam would have sections in it. They are;

1. Reading

2. Writing & Language

3. Math (No Calculator)

4. Math (With Calculator)

5. Essay (Optional)

Why IntStu?

The academicians over at IntStu Aspirations are more inclined with providing you with overall assistance apart from offering you all the training you need to bag an excellent score in your test.

We carefully inspect your profile and come with a training plan to best suit your level of academic performance.

After you receive your test scores, you can make use of our guidance to come up with a perfect statement of purposes and letter of recommendations. With IntStu, you can be sure of receiving more than what you paid for.


IntStu Aspirations has amazing content and experienced English faculties who made it really easy for me to understand the math section of the exam which I was so weak in. Thanks to my trainers who were always available at all times of the day and clearing every doubt I had.

Venkat IIT

I always dreamed of having a good SAT score but IntStu helped me reach it for real. Their SAT program was really well designed and their curriculum catered to all my requirements. I’m so happy with the individual attention that they gave me.

Venkat IIT

IntStu Aspirations has been the single most important assistance that I’ve ever had. Over the past year, they were my one-stop destination which had everything I needed from training to VISA assistance. I was so happy with my SAT score and I’ve had a significant boost to my confidence ever since.

Venkat IIT

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