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Canada Permanent Residency

Canada is one of the world’s top immigration destinations for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is straightforward and easy to apply, and secondly, there are various programs to suit individual needs.More than 300,000 new immigrants arrive in Canada every year in search of a better quality of life and income, and of these maximum are Indians. This is the biggest reason why so many Asian students are flocking to Canada.

What actually is Canadian Permanent Residency?

Canada Permanent Resident or Canada PR is when a person, who does not have Canada’s citizenship is given the permission to reside, and/or do a job or business or invest inside the nation’s territories. There are specific Canada immigration program for skilled professionals and investors.Those coming on a short-term basis like an international student or a temporary overseas worker can apply for other visas like a student visa or short-term work visa.

  • You will be able to reside and work anywhere in Canada! –

    If you start off in Vernon but later find a better job in Toronto, you will have every right to move as Permanent Residents have full freedom of choosing an employer to work or a province to live.

  • Access to free healthcare and children’s education –

    All permanent residents have access to free healthcare and education for their children. They also can avail rights to various social services.

  • You can sponsor your spouse and children –

    Once you are a permanent resident, you can apply to sponsor your spouse, and dependent children to join you in Canada. That said, if you immigrate through Express Entry, you can include your family on your initial application itself, so that you won’t have to sponsor them later on!

  • You can become a Canadian citizen –

    Becoming a permanent resident is the doorway to becoming a Canadian citizen. Once you’ve resided in Canada for three out of five years, you’ll be eligible to become a citizen!

  • Your PR can’t be taken away from you –

    Once you are a permanent resident, the PR status can’t be revoked, unless you fail to meet the rules of your residency obligation. All permanent residents must stay in Canada for two out of every five years, to be eligible to renew their PR status.

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