If your goal is to pursue education overseas in a country where English is the native language, you will have to prove your English proficiency skills.

IELTS is a standard examination which tests a student’s command of the English language. IELTS tests your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

The IELTS Academic & General Training modules serve unique purposes and you need to pay attention to the test that your requirement calls for to prevent your scores being invalid.

The test pattern as well as the assessment criteria, has been developed by Cambridge English, UK, but the exam is governed by two bodies – British Council, UK and IDP, Australia. Scoring is in bands from 1 to 9 and there is no pass or fail system.


It was virtually impossible to measure a person’s English skills if each country has a separate system for it. Therefore, one single organisation started supervising the entire testing system and made it uniform globally.

Types of IELTS

The type of IELTS test that you should take varies with your purpose of visit and career goals. In general, there are two categories namely IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. But apart from these, there’s UKVI IELTS which is specifically for the people who are travelling to the UK seeking a job or to study.

1. IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic is for but not limited to the ones who are trying to obtain a UG or a PG degree. This also applies to work professionals who are planning on having a job abroad. You’ll also need an IELTS score if you are a doctor or any sort of medical practitioner and looking forward to practicing there.

2. IELTS General

If your purpose of the visit is non-academic, you can take up the IELTS general. You are required to have your score before applying to fulfil your immigration criteria. The general category does not vary too much from the academic version.


If your intention is to acquire a Tier 1 or Tier 2 UK VISA, UKVI IELTS is what you should go for. UKVI IELTS has its own academic and general category. This test is tailor-made to suit certain requirements put forth by the UK administration.

It is categorized into three types; they are:

Why IntStu Aspirations?

You need to know a lot of nuances and subtle details involved in the IELTS exam to achieve the requisite score. Working in unison with an experienced consultant like IntStu Aspirations gives you an edge over your fellow competitors. We’ll keep you motivated and accountable.


I was sceptical when I first joined IntStu Aspirations but ended up getting the best possible guidance here. The trainers were so friendly and knew what they were doing. I’m happy that I managed to score a band 8 with just a few months of preparation.

Venkat IIT

One of my friends recommended IntStu Aspirations to me and I’m so glad that he did because this is one of the best institutions there is! They analyse the number of months you have left for your IELTS exam and your skill level to come up with a tailor-made plan just for you.

Jebastin IIT

I come from an educational background where English was not the medium of instruction. IntStu Aspirations managed to train me in a very short time and my English proficiency has increased manifold. I never thought I’d even score 6 but ended up getting 7 band.

Mohmad kabeer IIT

Things to Note


Yes, IntStu Aspirations will be there for you throughout your journey helping you in every possible way.

There’s no such pass or fail involved in your IELTS test results. You’ll just have to focus on the band that your college demands.

The current fee is Rs.14,000 and it changes every financial year.

Of course, you can, how many ever times you want, but make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare between those tests and you need to pay the full exam fees every time.

People at IntStu Aspirations make sure you get the best possible guidance and we’re fully equipped to allow our students to stay connected digitally even amidst the pandemic.

You will have to register for the test all over again and you’ll receive no refunds for the cancellation.

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