If your dream is to pursue a graduate degree from the USA, GRE is pretty much a necessity. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is, in fact, the largest online assessment where over 500,000 students from over 160 countries.

This exam is exclusive only for masters and doctoral degrees. Thousands of graduate programs and business schools accept GRE scores which include the ever-famous Harvard, Columbia and Northwestern.

If you’re just starting your GRE journey, the number of free resources that’s available on the internet could be overwhelming.

This is exactly why you’ll need an experienced coaching institute like IntStu Aspirations by your side. But before we get into that, let us see a quick overview of the exam and its components.

Why should one write the GRE Test?

Highly versatile

GRE is probably the most versatile test ever as most courses and most colleges around the world demand the best GRE score. Instead of having to write separate exams for every program that you’re applying to, you are all set with just GRE.

The entire test is computer-based

ETS partnered with various high-quality testing facilities around the world. The computer-based GRE test is both time-saving and also makes it easy for the students to book their tests.

Freedom to choose between scores

Another advantage of taking up the GRE is the freedom to choose which of your scores you’d like to send to the college that you’re applying to. Let’s say this is your second attempt, but your scores are lower than the first. You can go ahead and send the scores of your first attempt again, where your scores were higher. 

Retake your exams as you please

Most qualifier exams are one-off and if you score-less, you’d have to wait an entire year again for the next attempt. But GRE is an exception. You can retake your GRE 5 times a year by leaving 21 days between the tests.

Immediate results

Apart from all its benefits, the most under-celebrated one is that you can receive your scores almost instantly. Apart from the analytical writing, your scores for the quantitative and verbal portions get displayed the moment you click on submit.

Free score delivery

At the very end of your GRE, you can enter the colleges to which you’d like to send your scores for free. You can also do it later but might have to pay for it.

The GRE Test Format

Any given GRE examination would have three-categories inside of it having their skills to analyze. They are:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning,
  2. Verbal Reasoning, and
  3. Analytical Writing Assessment

GRE Sections

Paper – Based

Computer – Based


No. of Sections


No. of Sections

Analytical Writing

60 minutes

2 sections, 2 tasks

60 minutes

1 section, 2 tasks

Verbal Reasoning

70 minutes

2 sections, 50 questions

60 minutes

2 sections, 40 minutes

Quantitative Reasoning

80 minutes

2 sections, 50 questions

70 minutes

2 sections, 40 minutes

Quantitative Reasoning

You’ll have to understand and interpret the questions within the given time frame for which you’ll need pristine math knowledge.

But on the flip side, the topics that you’ll need to master are nothing but basics. Mastering simple concepts like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Data Interpretation you can have a boost to your score. 

Analytical Writing

Here, you’ll have to provide specific responses by reading and understanding the questions thoroughly. You’ll also have to back up your answers with suitable reasons and examples.

The more evidence you use, the more relevant your answer becomes, which in turn gets you more marks. Above all, your standard of English and grammar are the two most important things when it comes to Analytical writing.

Verbal Reasoning

Unlike analytical writing, you won’t have to explain your answers in detail. Your score solely depends on your ability to conclude by quickly skimming through the questions and making sense out of them.

You might also have to segregate the most relevant points and from the least relevant ones. You’ll have to memorize the meanings of several complex words and concepts to get a good verbal score. 

Why is IntStu Aspirations the best training institute for GRE?

IntStu Aspirations is standing over the shoulders of over 18 years of expertise in training students. Our trainers have mastered the art of efficient teaching and know what works and what doesn’t.

Based on your performance on the mock test, you’ll receive a customized strategy that will allow you to score the best possible score. No matter what skill level you’re currently on, IntStu Aspirations can help you level up.

IntStu Aspirations, as a brand, has been recognized by several reputed organizations.

IntStu Aspirations has a dedicated web-portal that resembles what you usually see on world-class colleges and it helps our students stay connected no matter whatsoever. With IntStu Aspirations, you know you’re working with the best.


Coming from a humble background, my entire education depends on my scholarship. Thanks to IntStu Aspirations for helping me reach my dream score of 326 in such short notice. I managed to get into Northeastern with an 80% scholarship.

Venkat IIT

I scored less than 300 on my first two attempts. I lost all my hope and was on the verge of giving up on my dreams when I found IntStu Aspirations. Thanks to my trainers for keeping my spirits and helping me score 312 on my third attempt.

Jebastin IIT

Math is something that I’ve always struggled with, but IntStu Aspirations was ready to train me from the basics and helped me realize it wasn’t as tough as it seemed to be. With a score of 316, I’m now more confident than ever.

Mohmad kabeer IIT

Important things to remember while taking up GRE


Yes. You might either get three-quantitative sections or three-verbal sections out of those; one does not get counted while calculating your results.

You can retake the exam five times a year with 21-day intervals between each test.

The cost of the booking is usually $205.

You’ll need to know only the basics of mathematics in order to perform well. But it all depends on how well you can apply the concepts.

This rule does not apply to GRE. Students need to measure their progress in terms of percentile, not in percentage.

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