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The Duolingo English Test is a Modern English proficiency test available to take online from their homewithout taking a prior appointment. This is an integrated skills testcombining Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. And it is assessed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


You just need a computer/laptop with webcam, working mic and speakers, and a high speed internet connection.



Type of Questions

Lastly, there is an unmarked interview section, which is sent to your respective institution along with your scores. It consists of one question each to be answered by speaking on it for 1-3 minutes and on writing to be answered in 3-5 minutes.

Test Scoring & Evaluation

The scoring is from 10–160 marks divided into 4 levels:

10-55 : Beginner
60-85 : Basic
90-115 : Intermediate
120-160 : Advanced

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Language-proficiency tests are a staple when it comes to making you eligible to pursue your studies abroad. Preparing for these tests becomes even harder if you don’t have good command over English. Apart from the preparation, you must also understand the question types, format and time duration.

It is so easy for you to feel overwhelmed when presented with so much information at once, which is exactly why you’ll need the help of a reputed coaching service like that of IntStu Aspirations to help you prepare in a way to achieve your desired scores.

Why Should You Prefer DET?

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is a relatively new English proficiency test but nonetheless accepted by a lot of different colleges around the world.

The Duolingo English Test Format

DET is an integrated skills test including a mix of reading, writing, listening & speaking, like the PTE. And you can complete the entire test within 45 minutes.

The Graded Section

The quick setup is followed by an intensive adaptive test which would examine your listening, reading, writing, speaking and understanding ability. You’ll receive no more than 45 minutes to complete this section.

Video Interview

The very last 10 minutes of your test is allocated for an integrated short video interview, where you’ll have to answer a few open-ended questions.



1. Can I take my DET exam at home?

Yes, all you need is a well-lit room, a laptop with working speakers and a mic, a webcam (integrated or separate), a stable internet connection and 60 minutes of free time.

2. How much do I have to pay in order to register for the test?

You’ll have to pay US $49 which is just one-fourth of what you’d have to pay for traditional tests.

3. What is the duration of the test?

You can complete your entire test within one hour.

4. Who will evaluate my test?

The scoring will be based on Artificial Intelligence that is, computerised assessment.

5. How long would it take to get my Duolingo English Test result?

You’ll be receiving your results within 48 hours of test completion.

6. How long will my score be valid?

For 2 years.

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