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United Kingdom

Why study in the UK

A degree from a university in the United Kingdom is internationally respected and considered top quality education as the UK is globally recognised for its teaching excellence. The UK ranks highly for quality of education, student satisfaction and global reputation backed by innovation and world-class research.

Choosing to study at a university in the UK has many financial, cultural and social advantages as well. There are options such as being able to fast-track your career and minimise your living costs while you study by taking up a shorter, more intensive course structure. A range of program optionshave been designed to provide students with discounts and access to cheap public transport and study essentials.

Qualifications Framework

The framework for higher education qualifications of UK degree-awarding bodies, applies to and operates in the rest of the UK including England, Wales and Northern Ireland, known as the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ). These academic regulations are the principal national reference points for academic standards in UK higher education. There are 160 universities and colleges in the UK that are permitted to conduct a wide variety of degree courses to suit the requirements of most aspirants.

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Teaching and Learning Style

System of Education

The best part about studying in the UK is that, the system of education there is very similar to that of India. Three degree levels: Bachelors, Masters & Doctorate (PhD).

There’s also an option of a sandwich program, in which a 3 year Bachelors degree can be done in 4 years with the 3rd year as an Internship where in the students can earn money to pay his fees for the last year.

Pathway Programs

A variety of pathways or foundation courses are on offer for international students to make the transition into further education easier.

English Language Proficiency tests:

IELTS is the preferred test as proof of English proficiency.

Score Requirements:

Bachelors: Overall 6 band.
Masters: Overall 6.5 band.

Academic year

Work options for students

Students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week with the guarantee of the minimum national wage rate.

Post-study Work Visa

The UK government offers a 2 years post-study work visa, expanding opportunities for graduate students to build successful careers in the UK.

Intstu Aspirations,a leader in the field of global education and immigration services can assist you in securing your admission to universities in the UK for the program of your choice. Given our coaching experience of 18 years, our internationally certified language trainers can help you achieve your IELTS band score and our ICEF certified counselors possessing a foreign education experience of 12 years can make your admission and visa process a smooth and hassle free experience. Along with student visa services, we also provide P.R (permanent residency) assistance for Work Visa as well as Investor/Business Visa. Our support services don’t end here as we also assist you with post-landing services like budget student accommodation in major cities across the UK, pick-up from the airport and drop-off to your accommodation, student insurance, travel insurance, and so on.
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