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Best GRE class in Surat

GRE is the “Graduate Record Examination” created and administered by ETS. Many international graduate and business schools use the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to make admission and fellowship decisions.

Graduate and business schools use the GRE to compare candidates from around the world, who will have different levels of academic and professional experience.

Even though many graduate schools consider GRE scores, the GRE General Test holds a significant part of the application for applicants applying in the graduate programs. While one should know, it is not the only factor; admission officers also consider undergraduate GPA, work and research experience, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and interviews. 

For the applicants applying to the Law Schools, GRE scores can be beneficial since some schools accept GRE scores instead of LSAT.

What is on the GRE?

The GRE test assesses your understanding of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis, as well as your knowledge of college-level vocabulary. Moreover, the test measures your ability to analyze and evaluate written material, think critically, and resolve problems.

Components of the GRE

There are three GRE sections:

  1. Verbal Reasoning

The test evaluates your ability to analyze and evaluate written material, synthesize information contained within it, and analyze relationships between words and concepts.

  1. Quantitative Reasoning

The test measures problem-solving skills by applying basic mathematics, algebra, geometry, and data analysis concepts.

  1. Analytical Writing– 

The test evaluates your ability to engage in critical thinking and writing, specifically your ability to effectively articulate complex ideas.

What makes IntStu Aspirations the best training institute for GRE?

Trainers at IntStu Aspirations make it the best training institute in Surat for GRE preparation. Over the last 18 years, IntStu Aspirations has excelled at training students in international exams. Our expert instructors know how to effectively teach our students and how to make them proficient in being able to pass these exams.

At IntStu Aspirations, we are equipped with world-class coaching facilities, including updated study materials, online test facilities, web portals, mock test environments and above all, we give personal attention to each student, which enables them to progress conveniently. 

Our trainers at IntStu Aspirations always help you to excel, no matter what your skill level is. We conduct a mock GRE test to analyze your performance, and based on that, we formulate a personalized strategy that will help you to level up and score the best possible score.

The GRE Test Format

Any given GRE examination would have three categories inside of it having their skills to analyze.

GRE Sections

Paper Based

Computer Based

Analytical Writing

60 minutes

2 sections, 2 tasks

60 minutes

1 section, 2 tasks

Verbal Reasoning

70 minutes

2 sections, 50 questions

60 minutes

2 sections, 40 minutes

Quantitative Reasoning

80 minutes

2 sections, 50 questions

70 minutes

2 sections, 40 minutes

Cost of Booking

GRE general has a standard booking cost of $205. However, the amount might vary in your country based on the currency value. However, the GRE subject test costs only $150.

As an overseas education institute, we are diligent about our students. Each of our candidates receives the attention and support of an experienced career advisor. When it comes to the best class in Surat for GRE preparation, you can definitely count on us to prepare you through and professionally present your application for admission.

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