Best GRE Class in Surat

Best GRE class in Surat GRE is the “Graduate Record Examination” created and administered by ETS. Many international graduate and business schools use the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to make admission and fellowship decisions. Graduate and business schools use the GRE to compare candidates from around the world, who will have different levels of academic […]

Top Courses in Canada for Indian Students

Top courses in Canada for Indian Students Canada is calling… If ever you have dreamt about studying abroad, Canada was the first place that popped up in your mind, we bet! For a long time now, Canada has been the first choice of students to study abroad. Be it because of the beauty of nature […]

Best IELTS and PTE Coaching

Best IELTS and PTE Coaching We sail you through IELTS and PTE! If you aspire to study abroad, one of these two English Proficiency examinations, IELTS and PTE, is mandatory to clear. It is a standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English-speaking individuals that enables them to overcome the linguistic gap and undertake […]

Best Country to Study and Work

Best Country to Study and Work Chase your desires! Studying abroad is the best way to enhance your educational experience by developing and improving your social, academic, and language skills whilst enduring an exceptional University experience. Studying abroad provides a competitive advantage to the students. It enables them to stand out as attractive candidates for […]

The Ultimate Guide To Study In Australia – Colleges, Eligibility & Scholarships

Overview of opportunities Study & settle Australia has a ton of world-renowned schools and universities that can cater to the educational needs of almost any student. Guess what, out of the 44 universities that Australia has, 25% fall under the top-rated category, As an international student, these are the 5 most popular courses you must […]

Universities, Scholarships, Eligibility for Indian Students To Study In UK

Universities, Scholarships, Eligibility for Indian Students To Study In UK The UK is home to some of the oldest universities in the world and it still remains one of the most preferred study destinations for Indian students. Owing to its strong legacy, education in the UK has been inspiring the institutions around the world. Apart […]


ACT Schools have different grading systems which make it harder for the colleges to accept or reject a student’s application based on them. There are a ton of entrance tests from which you can choose what suits your requirement. High school students have to make a choice between ACT and SAT as you need one […]


SAT If you’re just starting out with your college applications, you must get yourself familiar with all the entrance test options that are available out there. If you find it hard to do it yourself, it is time you get some help from an institution like IntStu Aspirations who’s been doing it for years. SAT […]


PTE It is always wise to have proof of your language proficiency when you’re planning to study in a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue. Over the years, these tests have grown more advanced in both structure and technology. As a result, we have a wide spectrum of English language proficiency tests each having […]


TOEFL TOEFL serves as proof of your English language proficiency.  You’ll need to have your TOEFL scores on hand if you are planning on pursuing your studies abroad in a country that uses English to impart knowledge. In terms of purpose, TOEFL is similar to other English proficiency exams such as IELTS. As simple as […]