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Schools have different grading systems which make it harder for the colleges to accept or reject a student’s application based on them.

There are a ton of entrance tests from which you can choose what suits your requirement. High school students have to make a choice between ACT and SAT as you need one of those to get into a prestigious college.

It is always important to have a general idea about all these tests before jumping into making a choice.

Why Should You Prefer ACT?

ACT scores are one of the ways that colleges use to measure your credibility and academic performance.

The sections that you see on any given ACT will always be in the same order with the same number of questions in each of them.

The usual duration of an ACT is around 2 hours 55 minutes which might expand up to 3 hours 35 minutes if you opt for the optional Essay section.

ACT - Test Format

Any given SAT exam would have sections in it. They are;


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