Pooja Parekh

Pooja Parekh

Chief Marketing Officer

Mrs. Pooja is Multi versatile, enthusiastic and ambitious with 9+ years solid background in sales, marketing, PR and advertising, Experience in managing all levels of large-scale projects.
Prior to joining Intstu aspirations she have spent more than 6 years working for renowned real estate groups in Surat Rajgreen and Green group as Media and HR head, which gave her several opportunities to learn and develop the skill necessary to develop campaigns, marketing strategies and deliver excellent customer service. Working as Media head was a complete career change for her. She developed interest in marketing and focused on pursuing her dream of working for corporates in marketing department. It can be challenging, fun and stressful sometimes but she really enjoys her duties.
Mrs. Pooja's role is to motivate team, provide them with required resources and get results in favour of Intstu aspirations. She is responsible for acquiring new clients and managing them. The company is customer driven, and she is happy and thrilled to be part of it. It is amazing to work with company whose vision and values aligns with yours. Intstu aspirations is her big work family where the whole team work, have fun, play games and achieve the unachievable with team effort.
Hobbies/Interest : Binge watching FRIENDS or reading any classic novel is my favourite pass time, can never say no to a
beach holiday. Highly interested in Architectural digest with beautiful ideas related to interior


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